The Most Common Roles and Responsibilities of QC Civil Engineer or Inspector

In this Article today we will cover about the The Most Common Roles and Responsibilities of QC Civil Engineer or Inspector | Review the Material Technical Data Sheet Preparation of Method Statement | Review Method Statement | Submit Inspection Request for Engineer's Inspection | Issue Internal NCR or Site Observation | Conduct Regular Site Surveillance | Prepare QA/QC Reports | Quality Control in Construction

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Here are the most common roles and responsibilities of a QA/QC Engineer in a construction project.

1.    Review the Material Technical Data Sheet:

Every material data sheet of the material to be supplied to the project that has to be read by a quality engineer. Especially when the material is about to submit to the Engineer or Consultant, it must have to be reviewed properly because sometimes the properties of material do not comply with the requirement of the specification, then that would probably be rejected and will cause a waste of time and eventually create delays. It might even better if you will prepare a comparison sheet before you finally submit the material to the Engineer.

2.    Preparation of Method Statement:

A QA/QC Engineer shall develop a method statement for the particular work on the site. He will make sure that it is submitted to the Consultant or Engineer and should be approved prior to starting the job on the site. The QA/QC Engineer shall prepare the method statement ahead of schedule for the jobs and consider making a plan for all the method statements preparation and submission.

3.    Review Method Statement:

Approval or comments of the Engineer and take action When you received the approval or comments on the method statement the quality engineer will review it, any corrective action in the comments shall be immediately complied and eventually revert back for final approval. Do not keep the comments on your hand for a long period of time because the construction team cannot proceed the works until method statement is finalized.

4.    Submit Inspection Request for Engineers Inspection:

Inspection request shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval of a certain job before you can proceed with the succeeding work. You shall make sure that the job to be inspected is completed so that there will be no revisions or rejection of the inspection. The job will be inspected after 24 hours the Inspection Request is submitted so, always be reminded of that matter because the Engineer will not accept any outright request for inspection.
You shall make sure that the Inspection and Test Plan is approved before raising an inspection request.

5.    Issue Internal NCR or Site Observation:

You can issue an internal nonconformance report and site observation to the subcontractors and site construction team. Before issuing an NCR to the concern trades make sure you issue first the site observation report, give them at least 72 hours to take action, but before that they should submit the corrective action and if after 72 hours there is no action then you may issue an NCR.
If you do not want to feel like you are cruel to them you may give verbal instruction or advice and if they will not take urgent action from your advice then you may proceed to issue site observation.

6.    Conduct regular Site Surveillance:

As a quality engineer make a routine to conduct site surveillance, you may schedule it for your own like every day or every other day. You might ask why “site surveillance?” This is to check if the works on site are moving as per drawing, as per material approved, as per method statement and as per quality control procedure. And the safety of people doing the works, you have a right to stop them from doing unsafe work, though it is Safety Officers in-charge to do it.

7.    Prepare QA/QC Reports:

The quality engineer shall prepare a QA/QC weekly report. You shall state all the activities that you performed in the past week and critical issues that you have noticed. The documents submitted and to be submitted shall also be included in your report.
A monthly report shall be prepared by a quality engineer but, this is just project case basis. If you are to be involved in a huge project like billion worth of project, then it’s not you will prepare the monthly report.
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